Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trust Me, I'm An Archivist

Unless you're Daniel Lorello, an archivist for the state of New York, that is. Mr. Lorello has been charged with the theft of multiple items from the state archives, all to pay off his utility and credit card bills. Article link here.

I'm interested to see how New York approaches trying to retrieve any items Lorello already sold. Even though buyers most likely assumed they were getting items in good faith, will they be willing to return them? Will the state reimburse them? Or will we see multiple replevin cases once particular stolen items are identified?

And speaking of replevin, the state of Maine is working through the courts to attempt to retrieve a copy of the Declaration of Independence once owned by the town of Pownalborough (now Wiscasset). Somehow the copy ended up in the possession of a nineteenth century town clerk, and was sold at an estate auction in 1994. This case resembles one in 1999 where a copy once belonging to the town of North Yarmouth was sold in similar fashion. In that case, the parties resolved their differences in early 2001. (Go here.)

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Brave Astronaut said...

We had a meeting on Friday, where two employees of the NYS Archives were present. At some point during the meeting, both received urgent messages to check in with the office. They were told there was to be an emergency staff meeting at 1:00pm. While I have not yet heard, I am assuming this may have been the subject matter.

But does the Maine Declaration have a map on the back?

I don't care what you people do. Take back whatever you need, but I'm not giving up my pen.