Sunday, February 10, 2008

Presidential Hoopla

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton came to Lewiston. I took the short walk to the Lewiston Armory to join maybe 2,000 others to hear her speak. And I have the photos to prove it.

First of all, outside, a hastily doctored sign.

A closer look at the above. I guess all New England looks alike.

Next, the scoreboard over the Armory floor. Ok, I get the '2008.' But '44?'

Finally, the candidate herself. She gave a good, if typical, campaign speech. But I'm glad to see she and Sen. Obama actually came to Maine.

The Maine Democratic caucuses are held today. Of course, it's snowing. Turnout is still expected to be big, however, and right now the predictions are breaking for Obama. Stay tuned.


SportsChic said...

Because she's trying to be the 44th president?

Brave Astronaut said...

I was hoping he figured that one out on his own. The brain juices slow down up there in Maine during the winter, I guess.

C in DC said...

The Potomac Primaries are Tuesday. For once, Washingtonians are getting to vote before the deal has been sealed.

Archivalist said...

Ha ha! Yes, we figured it out -- after I posted. But I won't doctor the records and Gitmo you goofballs.

BA -- yes, the snow has gotten beyond '44' now. Wise guy.

Sports Chic said...

I don't get too excited about this stuff since NC's primary isn't until May and by then everything's been decided. On another note, kind of archives related, the Hurricanes traded Stillman and Commodore to Ottawa. It's kind of archives related because the trade put our exhibit meeting on hold. What? We're not more important???

Kim Ayres said...

Hey - recylcing boards! Must be an eco-friendly thing - she should have made more of it