Friday, January 04, 2008

January Madness

No, this post isn't about even more snow. Nor about the single-digit temps yesterday and this morning, nor even about the expected thaw coming on Sunday (what, a week in the 40s?!?).

I've been watching the BCS games this week, and I've been less than impressed. Bowl games are always a crapshoot, and I figure NCAA has gone 1-2-1 in the four games so far. USC/Illinois and Georgia/Hawaii were such duds that you wonder why anyone bothered showing up. WVU/Oklahoma was a stinker from a football perspective, but great from a beating-down-OU one. Last night's Kansas/Virginia Tech game was good, giving me hope for Monday's finale. I still can't believe that either Ohio State or LSU got into the final, but hey, what do I know? Anyway, long-suffering football widows/widowers, soon your nightmare will be over.

At least until spring training.


C in DC said...

I haven't been sucked into the Bowl Madness this year, but then neither of my teams were doing particularly well. It does seem like the hoopla was hoopless.

Did you watch the "Winter Classic" on New Year's Day? The weather was interesting, the game was less so, in my opinion.

Archivalist said...

C -- I saw it, and agree with your assessment. Still, any time hockey is on is a good time.

ADR said...

First - College football needs a playoff. Thirty-two bowl games is just a little much. Second, as a Caps fan I could not bear to listen to the Winter Classic. Too much Worship of the Crosby going on for my taste. But the pictures were nice.

Brave Astronaut said...

Tag, you're it.