Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Games Before the Big Game

I will go on record right now stating that the Packers and the Patriots will meet in the Super Bowl on February 3.

Ok, picking the Patriots is not exactly taking a risk. With Rivers, Tomlinson, and Gates not at their best (and maybe not even playing, in Rivers' case), I don't see how the Chargers can mount much of a challenge. Yeah, they beat the Colts without big contributions from those three, but didn't Indy look, I dunno, distracted or something last week? Were they planning their trip to NE already, thinking about visiting Faneuil Hall or the Gardner Museum? Even though the Pats have looked mortal the past month or so, I still think they win handily: NE 31, SD 14.

The Packers, on the other hand, definitely are a risk. I didn't think they'd win 8 games this year, let alone getting this far. But they're playing at home, the forecast is very cold temps, and Eli Manning doesn't fare well in the cold. But Brett Favre is still the wild child of QBs, and he scares me every time he drops back for a pass. Still, if the Pack holds on to the ball, they'll win: GB 28, NY 17.


Andraste said...

You're probably very right, but I would LOVE to see Eli grow a set and not see them disappear in the cold.

I love the Pats, as a good New England girl should, but I have such a soft spot for the G-men. I would LOVE to see a Pats/Giants Superbowl.


Kim Ayres said...

Is this the one where they bounce the ball up and down, ignore the ball and just try and break each other's necks, or ignore the ball and just try and break each other's necks on skates?

Archivalist said...

andraste -- very VERY disappointed. Time for Favre to go. Now.

Kim -- the middle one, although it was cold enough for skates, even on grass, this weekend.