Monday, March 26, 2007

I just got Stupider.

On weekends, when the Wife and I are not driving to Brunswick or Portland, or fuming about another onslaught of snow, we (ok, I) watch a lot of sports. This weekend it was mostly basketball, with some hockey and golf Sunday. After watching the Penguins demolish the hapless Bruins, I lazed about watching Tiger win again and hearing the gushing about The-Deity-That-Is-Tiger over and over from the NBC crew. Which is where the title of this entry comes in.

Why, oh why, does NBC persist in having Jimmy Roberts constantly annoy us with his presence? Usually it's his garishly mawkish pieces on some forgotten or beaten-to-death item, carefully calculated to tug our heartstrings and move us to tears. Sunday, however, it was a brief "conversation" with some guy (name forgotten, but probably the PGA's version of Matt Drudge) breaking the news that Phil Mickelson was seen practicing with Butch Harmon after that day's round. So what, you say? Butch Harmon is not Phil's coach! Jimmy added his own little "the chat rooms will be on fire over this" comment, to help us figure out just how important this news really is. Proving once again that life really is like high school. I just hope Phil's coach Rick Smith will be, like, so totally over this by the Prom.

Oh, and remind me next month to stay out of spitting distance from this guy. Blech.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Still Alive

Too busy and cold to post; more coming soon, tho. Another wintry blast today -- the high will be 8, tonight's low -5.

But only one month until I get to go here.