Monday, December 31, 2007

Resolution Time

1. Continue with the brand new workout regimen. Goal: no more huffing and puffing at the top of stairs, no more surprises when standing on the scales, plus the ability to lift fifty pound boxes.

2. Be more patient and less selfish. (Doesn't everyone promise this?)

3. Expand my professional horizons. Sure, I'll be part of a panel discussion at a conference this spring (GULP), but if I'm ever going to rule the planet, I need to network better.

4. Actually play some golf this year. And not just at a course with windmills and (non-golf-playing) clowns.

5. Blog more regularly, and to keep up with all you folks who actually take time to read this stuff.

Finally, I hope everyone has a happy and safe year. Congrats to some of the regulars here who had (or will have) significant events in their lives -- BA and his new son, Sports Chic and her recent marriage, Susie Cupcakes and her forthcoming wedding. And to everyone else, all of you who are bored enough to keep coming back, thanks for all the laughs,the trivia, and the nutty links.

Monday, December 24, 2007

A Holiday Message

Yes, time for Archivalist's traditional holiday message to my many, many readers. During this high-stress time of overeating and overspending, remember to do your part by, well, overeating and overspending. Big business, your bank, and the credit card companies need support during the holidays too.

All those good intentions and New Year's Resolutions can wait, right? Here in Maine, I figure I've got four more months of winter to work on undoing my indulgences since Thanksgiving. At least, I hope it's only four months...

Happy Holidays everyone!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Trashman Cometh

No, I'm not dead. Or resting, or pining for the fjords. Or even snowed in (yet). What was a busy few weeks became a busy couple of months, and now that Thanksgiving is behind us, I have a little breathing room again. So what's been going on since I've been away? Let's summarize:

...the Red Sox won the World Series. There was dancing in the streets in Maine. Really. I heard it myself. Silly fans.

...the Wife and I moved to a new (for us) apartment. We're on the second floor, away from the drafty house and the loud, motorcycle-infested street corner. has snowed five times so far, with more due imminently. See the new sidebar attraction at right.

...the Packers are 11-2! 11-2!!! So what if the Pats are unbeaten -- THE PACK IS 11-2! Unfrigginbelievable.

...the college football teams representing my alma mater, my former place of work, and my current place of work went a combined 10-24. And none of those teams was Notre Dame.'s a test to see if you're still reading: Which of these four is NOT the name of a former or current breakfast cereal? (No Googling!) 1. Optimum Slim 2. Product 19 3. Milk Floats 4. Body Buddies.

...I bought an iPod. Welcome to the 21st century, finally.

Wow. Such excitement. It's no wonder I took three months off from blogging.