Friday, January 25, 2008

MacGuyver's Archival Glossary: The Bone Folder

Admit it, fellow archivistes: before joining the club, you had no earthly idea what a bone folder was. In fact, you probably thought it was one of the following:

a. the coolest move from an old Bruce Lee movie;
b. a professional wrestler;
c. that thing in Jack Sparrow's hair (thanks for that one, Christie);
d. some kind of Dungeons & Dragons magic thingy.

So what is it really? Only the second deadliest tool in the archivist's arsenal, behind the microspatula. Maybe not as subtle and deadly efficient as the metal blade, it's still perfect for eliminating paper creases, stirring drinks, and subduing recalcitrant patrons. Works equally well as a shim or a shiv.

With all these cool tools, can the archival utility belt be far behind?


Susie Cupcakes said...

I once introduced a budding archivist to the bone folder, which was received with a giggle and a "What do you call it?" It took some convincing that "bone folder" wasn't a crude nickname I had personally developed, but instead a folding tool made of, you know, bone.

Brave Astronaut said...

heh, heh, you said, bone.

SportsChic said... guys clearly have more fun at work than I do...

C in DC said...

It's not a tool I've ever had in my archival tool belt. I thought the powdery eraser was the weirdest tool in archives.

See you're on the program in KY. We'll have to line you up for the not-quite-in-DC meeting next.

Archivalist said...

C -- I suppose being on the program means I actually have to prepare something now...