Thursday, April 12, 2007

Well, %#!*!

It's snowing. Again. Madame Nature, apparently miffed that I missed the eight inches of snow Maine got last week while I was freezing in Georgia, is visiting this cursed stuff upon us again. We're expecting 6-10 more inches of sleet and snow today and tonight.

But it's not all bleak up here. A new restaurant opened recently, right here in sunny Lewiston: Fuel. The Wife and I went this week, after my return from Golfing Wonderland, and really enjoyed it. (For the record, I had the Steak Frite, while she had the butternut squash soup, Caesar salad with white anchovies, and potato and leek gratin.) So much so that we're going again with the co-workers this weekend.

If we can get out the door, that is. #$!@&!


Kim Ayres said...

We didn't get any snow this year, much to the disappointment of the kids who were desperate to build snowmen and pelt their father with snowballs.

Lucky escape, I felt...

Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog :)

Brave Astronaut said...

Don't forget, you promised your prognostications on the second round. And it better include the Rangers over the Sabres! :)