Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Ten Things from the Past Week

I'm back from my trip to that little golf tournament in Augusta (Georgia, not Maine)! So for those of you who are curious, or merely bored, here are a few observations from the week that was.

1. It was cold, as this pic shows. Not Maine cold, but cold for Georgia in April. Temps were in the 50s and low 60s, with steady winds topping 10 mph and gusts up to 30. More like football weather, but still preferable to hot and humid days any time.

2. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Masters is that you're not gouged by high food prices. $2.50 for a chicken sandwich, $1.50 for all others and any sodas, and water and candy for a buck. Don't remember the beer prices, since I didn't drink any. You can be there for an entire day (our days usually ran from 9 til 7 or so) and eat for less than ten dollars.

3. You really, really can't appreciate just how hilly the course is on TV. You are constantly standing on slopes while spectating, and I believe there are only 18 flat and level spots on the entire course -- the tee boxes.

4. Fashion alert! (For you, SusieC) Sure, there was a preponderance of all-black outfits and a disturbing amount of sweater vests, but some of the outfits had to be seen to be believed. Like Englishman Ian Poulter: Here's his Sunday getup. Nice shoes too. Here he is from Friday -- yes the shoes matched the pants. I liked Swede Henrik Stenson for being the only golfer I saw give in to the chilly weather on Saturday. Then there's this collage of another of Poulter's digs (shoes were pink, too), a few random belts, and Darren Clarke's lovely plaid trousers. And here's Clarke again as a Limey. Finally, there's Shingo Katayama, who always wears those silly hats. (And read this for more on Poulter, or go to his website and click on 'Media Gallery'.

5. Unless you just despise golf, you have to go to the Masters if you get the chance, even if just for a day. It really is greener, prettier, and just better than it appears on TV, despite the constantly gushing coverage. And if you like laughing at the obnoxious (and who doesn't?) then this is the place for you. Actual overheard conversation: "Dude, where are you going for break?" "Dunno. Went to Vail last year, but it's so boring. Maybe Bermuda. Wanna go?"

6. Sadly, I spotted no celebrities in the crowd this week. (In past years I've seen Jimmy Connors, Susan Anton, and Charlie Rose. I didn't say they were A-listers, did I?) But there were numerous golf wives to be seen -- all were tanned, most were blonde. In short, trophies. I don't know a one of them, but I'm sure they're all very nice, just darling. No sign of Elin tho.

7. Our chairs were stolen on Saturday, and this appears to be a more common occurrence recently. So if you're buying used Masters folding chairs on eBay, know that they've probably been stolen.

8. The hand-operated scoreboards around the course are a nice touch, and fun to watch as the scores are being posted. On Saturday, however, the wind blew one of the names (for Adam Scott) out of its slot and onto my head. No damage was done, but I'll get you Mr Scott. Just you wait.

9. Being away from the Northeast for a week, I haven't been deluged with all things Red Sox and Dice-K. Ah well, all good things must end.

10. Ok, enough golf. Now on to the really important stuff.


Brave Astronaut said...

So that was you standing around all the time . . . I'm glad you had a good time and perhaps your dad can adopt me and take me instead next year?

So you can eat cheap, because they are making money off the souvenirs, I take it?

Are they still playing in Vancouver? Who knew that would be an 8 and a 1/2 game series? Let's go Rangers! Want to guest blog with second round picks?

Archivalist said...

Ha ha! You want MY comments? I will shower you with opinions, mostly formed from the half dozen games I've been able to see this year!

Yes, food is cheap because every item in the shops is priced at $145. Apparently baby needs many, many new shoes.