Monday, May 14, 2007

Things an Archivist Should Never Say (Work Version)

"I can do that project in ONE week!"

"Just set your coffee on these papers over here."

"You know all the rain we had this weekend? Well, I took some records home with me on Friday, and..."

"Our budget is big enough already, thank you."

"Oh yeah? Then keep your damn records!"

"You really are a strange person." (To prospective donor)

"I don't think this EAD thing will catch on."

"Autographs for sale! Autographs for sale!"

"Of course archivists don't throw anything away."

"Finding aids are way overrated."


Sous la poussière said...

"Don't worry about digital preservation of your records. It's still an unsolved issue."

Brave Astronaut said...

Wait, those are things you shouldn't say? Crap. That's what I have been doing wrong.

What about, "Original Order? Feh, I arranged the files by the names of people I know about first. The others must not matter, since I don't recognize them." (or some variation or justtification for changing the order.

C in DC said...

"Let's put lemon juice on the Constitution."

Archivalist said...

"You mean you have a complete set of Ginsu knives?"