Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Netflixations 2

As a public service, some recent viewings courtesy of the good people at Netflix:

Wire in the Blood
-- Psychopaths, gore, murder, and mayhem. If these are your cup of tea, then WitB is the show for you. We're two seasons through this, and although we can't say we always enjoy the spatter, it's good to see some quality TV, and of course the British accents lend that touch of class. And for the ladies, there's Robson Green (whose chemistry with Hermione Norris is so hot that even though they never do anything, you'll feel like they did.)

Extras -- Thoroughly uncomfortable to watch, like Seinfeld, only better. And so low-key that if you're not paying full attention, you'll miss the best lines. Each episode features a celebrity playing him/herself -- Kate Winslet cursing and touching herself while wearing a nun's habit is a must-see.

Burn Notice -- Okay, it's shallow, set in Miami, and its female co-star is so skinny that you want to hold her down and force-feed her milkshake after milkshake. But it's all in good fun, Sharon Gless and Bruce Campbell are a treat, as is watching our disgraced spy try to figure out how he landed in the fire. (And does anyone else ever read the show title as Bum Notice?)

Saving Grace -- The wife and I are split on this one: she gives it thumbs up, while I say thumbs sideways. The way-too-thin Holly Hunter stars as a way-too-hard-living detective in Oklahoma City who's visited by an angel named Earl, who wants her to change her life. Yeah, lots of Christianity for everyone in here, plus all the cowboy boots, oil fields, chaw, yee-hawness, and billy-bobbery you can stand. Still, Season 1 gets better as it goes along, and Hunter does, as usual, a tremendous acting job.


Susie Cupcakes said...

Hmmm, Wire in the Blood might just be my cuppa.

Mrs. AT said...

Mrs. Archival Trash, here. Wanted to just clarify for Susie: Truly, Wire is not particularly good--we agree on that every time we watch it. But we like the dialogue among the characters, and we love Robson and Hermione. He's too hot for words, she's a skinny sex bomb, and they're just smokin' together, despite never touching. We just can't help but watch this show.

As for Saving Grace, yeah, the religious stuff is no fun, esp in the first few episodes. But they make an effort to be tolerant--when Grace dates an atheist one episode and tries to piss off Earl by gloating about it, he tells her how silly she is, that what matters is if the guy is a decent person. So, okay, god propoganda, but propoganda with a sweet, chocolatey taste. I like the show so much b/c I'm a huge Holly Hunter fan, and she plays this delightfully trashy woman with gusto. My sister doesn't like the show b/c Grace is "too trashy." I say she's not TOO trashy, she's just... trashy. And frankly it's about time we got to see a fully realized female character, who, yes, can't keep it in her pants and likes her whiskey. Equal time, baby. My only family ally is my sis's husband, who agrees with me that Grace is just an ordinary person, and that's a refreshing change for TV. Oh, and the writing is great.

Okay, just wanted to chime in....

Anonymous said...

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