Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Long Overdue Return

No, not me. Blimp rides, that is. Or should I say Zeppelin rides. A California company, Airship Ventures, has begun offering the first passenger-zeppelin rides in the US since the Hindenburg disaster in 1937. A one-hour ride, from either Mountain View or Oakland, California, will set you back just $495. Sounds like the perfect gift for those software and wine company execs who haven't yet lost everything. Oh, and don't call them blimps: "Zeppelins have a light, rigid metal and carbon fiber framework that is covered with a synthetic canvas hull - just waiting to be adorned with your company logo for yet another fee. Blimps do not have internal rigid frames." Aren't you glad that's cleared up?


Snitten said...

Yes, I am glad. Imagine getting that wrong!

Andraste said...

What's the difference between the Hindenberg and Rush Limbaugh?

One's a flaming nazi gas-bag and the other is a dirigible.

Thanks, folks. Tip your bartenders, I'm here all week!

Anonymous said...

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