Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dogs, Pools, and Motorcycles

Apparently, three things Mainers can't live without:

Dogs. Three new families/annoyances have moved into our neighborhood. All of them have dogs. Some have more than one. All of these dogs bark. A lot. Apparently, leashes are optional. Winter can't come fast enough now.

Pools. Why is there a pool for every third house in Maine? Why have something you can only use, oh, two months out of the year? One of life's great mysteries, unsolved.

Motorcycles. I've discussed this Maine phenomenon before. I guess it's part of the American dream to own something that you can purposefully make louder, just for kicks. Let's let Bart Simpson have the last word: "Snipers, where ARE you?"


Kim Ayres said...

What you say about pools is similar to convertible cars in the UK. Despite having more rain than pretty much any other country in Europe, we also buy more open top cars than any of our neighbours

Archivalist said...

I'm beginning to think the pool is useful as a source for shaved ice for the drinking that gets folks through the winters. What else?

Anonymous said...

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