Saturday, June 30, 2007

Side Trip to Vermont

The wife and I just took a snappy little trip to Vermont the other day, driving to Montpelier one day and back to Maine the next. Given that the 140-mile trip took nearly 4 hours, the drive wasn't so bad except for the fool who nearly killed us when he almost pulled out 50 feet in front of us.

This was our first trip to VT, so here's a quick list of what we did and didn't see:
1. No Bob Newhart. Ditto Larry, Darryl, and Darryl.

2. Several nice little used bookstores in Montpelier. Lewiston isn't even close in this regard.

3. No hotel-sized Ben & Jerry's on the New Hampshire border, a la the casinos on the Utah/Nevada border in the middle of nowhere. This was a serious disappointment.

4. Lots and lots of green, rolling hills and fields. Vermont may be the prettiest state in New England, although I haven't yet been to Maine's Acadia or Mount Katahdin, so stay tuned.

5. Maine lobster is way more expensive there than it is in, say, Maine.

We're going back again soon (long story), so if anyone reading this has any reccomendations in Montpelier, let me know.


Brave Astronaut said...

Goodness, where to begin. First, by all means, go a little further to Waterbury and tour the Ben and Jerry's factory. It's a divine experience.

You go continue on to Burlington to see the very first Ben and Jerry's ever.

There's always a nice side trip to Woodstock on your way.

There's the August Saint Gaudens NHS in Cornish (on the river b/w VT and NH). It's a really nice house and museum.

I could think of more, but that should get you started.


Sports Chic said...

What, you mean it stopped snowing up there? You made it all the way to another state? In a car or a snowplow?

I guess I'd better stop while I'm ahead...

c in dc said...

Try to find one of the many country stores in VT. These eclectic 5&10s are just wonderful, in my opinion.