Monday, January 15, 2007


Although we've had several small snows totaling about 7 inches so far this winter, today's storm is being called the "first snow of the season" by the locals. As a transplanted Southerner, I can only wonder at this perspective. But I must say I do like the lack of panic on the local news, and the fact that life seems to generally go on as planned. But I still can't wait for summer, and I've already stocked up on milk, toilet paper, peanuts, and beer. You know, staples.

In keeping with the semi-archival theme of this blog, here is an appropriate link for today, about the blizzard of 1996. I remember this storm, as I was living in central Virginia at the time. The snow measured 19" at our house when all was said and done, and my visiting sister-in-law got stuck with us for several days. On top of the snow, we had a deep freeze for a few days afterwards, and then another big storm (about a foot, iirc) not long thereafter. Our old Datsun froze solid (keys wouldn't work, couldn't shift gears once I did get in), and I didn't hear a car go by our house for nearly a week. My wife remembers saying at the time "I will never move to New England." Who says there are no cosmic jokes, eh?

So if you're in the northeast and reading this, enjoy the weather today. If you're in my old stomping grounds -- likely wearing shorts and thinking "Ha ha, sucker" -- I'll be thinking of you in August.


Sports Chic said...

We had snow today! Well, according to southerners, anyway. It was gone by the end of the day due to the rain. I was surprised that it was snow only--no ice. The roads were promptly sanded and drivable. But all of the school systems still got the day off (but not the universities, of course). Hehe...we're silly.

Aimee said...

Heh... I'm in the oppostite situation: a transplanted northerner in Atlanta. I was disappointed to find out earlier this week that the rumors of the entire city shutting down the minute a drop of freezing rain hits the ground are greatly exaggerated.

Lance said...

That's Wash DC you're thinking of