Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Larch Visit

Sitting at home this weekend, watching all my favorite football teams lose, lose, and lose again, naturally my mind began wandering to more important topics. Namely, I wondered how many anagrams I could get out of the word 'archivist'? Better yet, how many from 'archivalist'?" Imagine my surprise and disgust when I check archivesblogs.com on Monday to find that someone beat me to it! Not having anything else original to post this week, I decided to follow through with my idea for this post, copying -- I mean, sincere flattery -- notwithstanding. A quick visit to this site and typing in my handle gave a long list of results, the best (?) of which include the title of this post, and these:

A Vicars Hilt
A Rivals Itch
Sir Lava Itch
Clash Trivia
Cash Trivial
His Viral Cat
Ah Viral Tics

Interestingly, anagramming for 'Brett Favre' yielded "Bar Fret Vet," which doesn't mean anything on the surface but does sound like it could be a newspaper headline about despairing Packer fans.


Sports Chic said...

SC gives this blog post two thumbs up! You should seriously reconsider wasting your energy by cheering for State's football team, though. Not that my teams are performing any better.

Sports Chic said...

You know what I learned today? "Archival trash" is not a universal archives term. Whereas our former place of employment endeared it, my current place of employment calls it "confidential recycling."

See, working at more than one institution has already paid off. ;)

Anonymous said...

"Confidential recycling" . . . cute. Here, we have to shred all of our archival trash ourselves before disposing of it. The facilities folks have been known to bring trash back and ask, "why are you throwing this away?"

Archivalist said...

And I know of a place where staff (ie, faculty) have been known to rummage through trash looking for, I dunno, sparkly things I suppose. But they have returned things to the archives that they've found in the trash.

Limebrarian said...

In this year's Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog you can buy your own archive . . .